Woman gets married to a man she called ‘bhaiyya’ for 8 yrs.

In urban and rural areas in India, it is customary to refer to older individuals as “bhaiya” or “didi”. The former is used to address elder brothers, while the latter is used for elder sisters. You may be wondering why this is relevant. Allow us to elaborate.

A video clip of a woman marrying a man she had addressed as “bhaiya” for eight years has gone viral online. The woman, named Vini, revealed that she and Jai, her husband, were related and had a significant age gap, hence the term “bhaiya”.

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The couple is seen posing together in the now-viral video clip, taken when they were much younger. Additionally, Vini informed viewers that she and Jai now have a child together, and pictures of the infant are also shown in the footage.

“We are relatives, and due to our age difference, I referred to him as bhaiya for many years. Hence bhaiya to saiyan,” the caption of the post reads. The video garnered almost 5 million views after being shared online, and it is not difficult to see why social media users had a plethora of reactions.

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